About Plants Are Not Optional

This blog takes the position that plants, and tangentially landscape architecture, are not optional in the face of urbanization and development in the 21st century. Oxygen, food, fibers, and the pacifying effects of big trees, to list a few, are all brought to us courtesy of free solar energy and the kingdom Plantae. Furthermore, one needs only to look at the closest parking lot, or Angkor Wat,  to understand that plants will sprout in the cracks and take back the ground if we leave them to it. Plants are not optional, and I’m okay with that. This blog is here to celebrate this essential fact.

About Emily Rogers

I am a landscape architect currently living in the Washington, DC  area. I have long been fascinated by the interaction of humans and our environment leading me to degrees such as a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies [Oberlin College] and a Master of Landscape Architecture [University of Virginia]. In addition to having practiced landscape architecture, I have taught every age group from pre-school through adults, on land and at sea, on subjects including the environment, science, and landscape architecture. In the past year, I’ve gained access to a garden for the first time in my adult life and the desire to share my child-like enthusiasm for seeing seeds sprout from the ground, and the realization that a passion for plants is not optional in my personal life, are largely responsible for the creation of this blog.

You can contact me at [email protected].