writing in for landscape architecture

In honor of Frederick Law Olmsted’s birthday on Saturday, I have decided that for the next year I will submit corrections to every publication or broadcast that incorrectly identifies landscape architects or landscape architecture as landscapers/landscaping, etc. I started today with NPR.org’s mis-identification of Michael Van Valkenburgh as a “landscape artist,” which, in a way he is, but misses the mark. Recognition of the profession and its value to society matters. If you see/hear things and want me to comment, please send them my way. And of course, if you want to join me in my efforts, I’d be delighted for the company!

For what it’s worth, Margot Adler did correctly refer to him as a landscape architect in the broadcast, but the mis-attribution was in the article on the web site here:

UPDATE: NPR made the correction on their web site!